Kevin Griffin - St. Louis Strategic Management Executive

About Kevin Griffin of St. Louis

Kevin Griffin is a longtime St. Louis entrepreneur who presently leads Griffin Atlas, Inc., as owner. In 2004, Kevin Griffin founded the St. Louis-headquartered firm International Supplies and Construction, which supported Department of Defense mandates throughout the Middle East as a prime supplier for support services and supplies. The firm’s products were distributed among government departments, as well as among US and coalition troops.

Mr. Griffin served in the US Marine Corps in the early 2000s and personally oversaw a $250 million purchasing budget. Directing supply chains spanning Iraq and Afghanistan operations, he served as procurement and contracting manager. His efforts ensured the quality of supplier performance and led to gains in operational effectiveness. He received numerous awards and four meritorious promotions for his outstanding performance.

He studied business administration at Campbell University and has achieved Six Sigma Green Belt qualifications. Also knowledgeable in team-building strategies, he has international experience as a managing partner with Singapore-based AMG Global Investments and Holdings. In his free time, he enjoys activities such as hiking and traveling to destinations across the globe.